Horses Change Lives...Of Even the Youngest Ones


Read Pre-Kindergarten with Disabilities teacher Corey Baldwin's affirmation of the impact of therapeutic riding on his students.

... We have seen great things from these kids  when they are on the horses. Our students who have trouble with sensory  input processing are calmed to the point that they are able to focus  more clearly on a given task. One of our students with low verbal  communication skills was able to repeat and imitate word after word  while riding on the horse. Another student was so calmed/relieved after  riding, that for the first time she was able to jump up and down on  command. Yet another student (not spontaneously verbal) was requesting  toys and play things while on the horse. Without being a doctor or a  scientist it is hard to say for sure what about riding horses is causing  these effects, but the results are real.. and really exciting! ...