reasons to care

From a parent

“We consider her [riding] session even better than meeting with a counselor.”

     - Parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


From a teacher

 “I am  passionate about teaching and truly believe Hugs for Horses is helping  children improve their motor skills, coordination, social skills,  cognitive disabilities and self-esteem.  This is an incredible  opportunity for my students.”
       -Special Education teacher 

From a volunteer

 “I am  grateful to have the opportunity to help with Hugs for Horses  Therapeutic Riding Program.  It is so nice to spend an hour or so each  week helping a special child...certainly makes my heart happy!’  
      - Hugs volunteer 

From a parent

 "Realizing  your daughter may have a disability is difficult….Thanks to the Hugs  for Horses program, [we] were able to turn what we were seeing as a  negative, into something positive….We are forever grateful for the Hugs  for Horses program and cannot say enough good things about the workers,  the facility and the animals that would capture what this program has  really meant to [our  daughter] and our family.”
      - Parent of a child with disabilities 

From our riders

I feel like a KING!"

     - Special needs rider

 “I feel free.  I can do anything.”         - Rider with intellectual disabilities  

65 Reasons to Care

 Hugs for Horses Therapeutic Riding Program provides the healing power of  horses to 65 children and adults with disabilities every week, all at  no charge to the riders and their already overwhelmed families.  We rely  on donations to support this amazing program.