New Rider requirements

New Rider Information

 We accept new riders as our funding allows.  Before we can consider a new rider, we will need you (the parent or guardian) to:

A.  obtain  a signed and dated referral for therapeutic horseback riding from a primary care physician or therapist for your potential rider that

  1. requests therapeutic horseback riding for your potential rider 
  2. lists all your potential rider's diagnoses that therapeutic riding might impact,  including those that affect his/her safety and/or ability to ride. 

B.  complete and sign the Rider Information and Waivers form. This form should be updated annually or when there are changes to any information contained thereon. 

Please return the referral and Rider form to Hugs for Horses by mail, email, or in person as follows:

Mail to:

     Rona Jacobs, Director
    Hugs for Horses Therapeutic Riding
    215 Equestrian Drive
    Georgetown, SC  29440


Email to:

Rider Form

Please fill out this form completely and return to Hugs for Horses Therapeutic Riding along with physician referral for our services for your potential rider.